Google PageRank Update June 2010 and SEO

by Thomas Griffin on June 22, 2010

Google PageRank Update June 2010

It has been rumored, speculated and (unofficially) confirmed that Google is in the process of updating its PageRank machine. This Google PageRank update for June 2010 should be interesting to see in light of the recent updates to Google’s indexing and ranking systems. It would be wise that you begin to take advantage of this process in order to further shed light on how you go about improving SEO throughout your blog. Here are 4 ways that you can capitalize on this process in order to maximize your SERP potential throughout your blog.

1. Take daily screenshots of your positions for your targeted keywords in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This will give you a visible idea of how the new PageRank update will be affecting your site for your targeted keywords as well for your competitors. Look and see how sites and blogs shift and move during this process (this process could take all month) and then use some SEO tools to analyze their SEO structures against your blog. Do they have more quality backlinks than you? How is your on-page optimization compared to your competitors? Are there tiny ways in which you may be able to gain an edge on your competitors during this time?

2. Continue to provide unique and valuable content to your blog. It would be very easy to study how the new PageRank updates will be affecting your blog and forget to keep your blog updated with fresh, new content. Don’t forget that no matter what the PageRank numbers may be, content is still the most crucial element to the success of your blog.

3. Grab some SEO tools and analyze your on-page optimization for potential improvements. I recommend using the tools provided by SEO PowerSuite or purchasing the SEO Scribe plugin for WordPress in order to analyze your content and update your search engine optimization techniques. Are there some ALT image tags that you are forgetting to optimize? Is your keyword placement slacking? How is your internal linking structure? Ask yourself these questions as you go search your content for improvements. You can follow these SEO tips for some guidelines on how to better optimize your content for the search engines.

4. Talk with other bloggers in your niche about what they are doing about the PageRank update. Are they doing anything to take advantage of this time (or maybe nothing at all)? Take some ideas from them and implement them on your own blog.

Finally, I want you to remember that PageRank is just a number that attempts to determine the authority of a site. I am of the field that says you shouldn’t worry about it too much – it is just a number. Your blog and content can speak for themselves. However, I do believe that you can take advantage of this time in order to improve your SEO and glean some extra knowledge for the future.

What are you doing to prepare and take advantage of this (unofficial) Google PageRank update for June 2010?

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