Why You Need the WordPress Thesis Theme for Your Blog

by Thomas Griffin on May 18, 2010

WordPress Thesis Theme

The WordPress Thesis theme is an absolute must for your blog. Why do I say this? Because I have researched this theme over and under, and I can simply say that there is no other theme on the market that can compare to the WordPress Thesis theme. Period.

And for those that are curious to know why, I have compiled an excellent array of information just for you. Before I dive into those reasons, I am making two fundamental presuppositions in this post:

1) That you use WordPress as your blogging platform
2) That you are looking for reasons to change the theme of your blog

If you do not fall within these presuppositions, then don’t worry – you will still benefit from the nuggets of knowledge that I give to you in this post. Because you are a blogger, you should be familiar with either WordPress or the WordPress Thesis theme (or both). Now, let’s get into the meat of the subject.

1. The WordPress Thesis theme has the friendliest search engine coding.

Here are some facts for you: search engines like speed. Google likes speed. Most importantly, your visitors like speed. Since Google has recently announced that it now uses site speed as a ranking factor, you would be wise to start looking for ways to cut down the load time on your blog. One simple way to cut the loading time of your blog is to streamline the hard code that makes your blog function. To be honest, most themes are terrible at this. However, the WordPress Thesis theme absolutely rocks at streamlining the hard code to make it search engine friendly. It all boils down to this:

The more streamlined your code -> the quicker the spider can search through your stuff -> the more pages the spider can crawl -> the more pages Google can get indexed = better search engine reach and results for you.

Chris Pearson (the developer of the Thesis theme) has a relentless tenacity for making his theme better and better. Since purchasing the theme gets you free updates for life, you better believe you are making an excellent SEO investment by purchasing the WordPress Thesis theme.

2. The WordPress Thesis theme has exceptional SEO tools and mechanics.

With the new release of Thesis 1.7, SEO tools and techniques are now simple to use and very effective. Because all these SEO features came stock with the WordPress Thesis theme, I was able to remove 4 plugins from one of my blogs. Why is this so important? The more plugins you have on your blog, the slower your blog will load. In this case, just having the SEO features built into the Thesis theme made my website run faster, and that is always a plus in my book (and yours too).

The other really nice thing about the WordPress Thesis theme pertaining to SEO is the ability to create custom title tags on the spot. This is crucial for the success of your pages in the search engines. In my opinion, the title tag is the most important and controllable SEO factor. This also allows you to write creative titles for your posts while maintaining good search engine optimization with the custom title tag.

3. The WordPress Thesis theme is highly customizable and malleable.

Thesis DefaultYou are probably thinking, “What in the world does malleable mean?” It’s ok..no need to go making another Google search. Malleable is just another way of saying that Thesis can be completely controlled by you. You can customize virtually anything within your blog with the custom.css and custom_functions.php files. After learning about how to use Thesis hooks, you will be able to start customizing your theme is no time flat.

One complaint that I hear from many people is that every site that uses Thesis looks the same. While I can agree that many sites look similar, I must submit a sound word of wisdom to you: the average viewer of your blog doesn’t know that. Let’s face it – while the average viewer of your blog may recognize a similarity between your blog and another, he or she does not automatically think “Oh, this site must use Thesis..I’m peacing out”. Besides, if anyone does think this way, it probably won’t affect them that much because most people adore Thesis anyways (like me!).

4. The support for the WordPress Thesis theme is absolutely incredible.

This was a huge selling factor for me personally (second behind the SEO benefits). The people in the Thesis forums know what they are talking about. If you ever have any questions or issues (and because this deals with computers and code, you will have plenty of both), they are quick to help you figure out how to get things back on the right track. AND, since the core Thesis files are never touched (or at least you shouldn’t touch them), you have a common basis with everyone that uses the WordPress Thesis theme – meaning that: a fix that works for someone else should work for you too. In this light, you’ve got thousands (literally) of resources to browse through in order to further customize and develop your blog.

For most of us that blog, we have a relatively small amount of website and coding knowledge. I was also (and still am) in this boat at the time when I purchased the WordPress Thesis theme for my own blog. While I do admit that I am a very quick learner and have become much more savvy at code, I can say that once you get the hang of customizing Thesis (along with the frequent help of the supporting community), you will find that it is at least ten times easier than dealing with your old theme and plugins.

5. Did I already mention that it is very SEO friendly? (And I mean V-E-R-Y friendly)

By my best guess, I’d say that you are interested in getting some high ranking listings in Google. Why? Because you want traffic from other people, of course! This is where the WordPress Thesis theme becomes your best friend (at least it did mine). Although I have been rigorously researching and reviewing Thesis for some time, I recently purchased it for use on my own website. I truly wanted to see how much it could help my listings in Google. After implementing the WordPress Thesis theme on my website, I went from page 8 (rank #78) on the Google listings to being #20 for the keyword “how to sing better”. Check out the screenshot below.

Google Ranking #20(Take notice of my website, foreversinging.com, listed at #20 as of May 10, 2010)

That is absolutely impressive! That keyword generates well over 30K global searches a month, and now I am that much closer to getting a significant portion of that traffic. Pretty cool, right? And the best part about this is (for me anyways), I can only see that this will get better as time progresses because that blog has only been up for 3 months (first post was February 13th I do believe).

So what are you waiting for? Buy the WordPress Thesis theme now!

The cost of the theme pales in comparison to the benefits that you will receive. You can chose between the $87 personal copy or the $164 developer copy. Either way, you are getting an exceptional theme for an exceptional price. Besides, if you don’t like the Thesis theme, you can get a full refund within 30 days of the purchase.

Seriously – go ahead and do yourself a favor and purchase the WordPress Thesis theme. I will even lend out my helping hand to get you started! If you have any questions regarding the Thesis theme (pre-purchase, during purchase, or post purchase – including coding questions), don’t hesitate to comment on this post and ask. I do respond to them and would love to help you out! I want to prove to you that Thesis is worth your time and money!

To purchase your own copy of the WordPress Thesis theme, please click here.

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