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SEO Blog Help is a blog designed to deliver essential, beneficial and easy-to-use SEO (search engine optimization) tips and techniques to you, the beginner (or professional) blogger.

My name is Thomas Griffin. I am a 21 year old college student engaged to a beautiful fiance. I would like to personally welcome you to SEO Blog Help. Here’s the skinny:

I know the struggles that you face when learning about all the behind the scenes maintenance and promotion of your blog. It can get dirty very quickly. Fortunately for you, I have gotten dirty numerous times already, and I hope to spare you from some of the filth. I went into this blogging thing without a single piece of knowledge about how search engine optimization worked. Some would call that suicide, but I did it with one purpose in mind – to give me the ability to teach. That’s right – to teach.

How does this benefit you? I will tell you. I struggle with this thing called “stubbornness”. The annoying part of stubbornness is that it can take me a long time to figure out something simple. But the most crucial (and beneficial) part of stubbornness is that it makes you a good teacher. I understand what you go through because I have been there to0, and it is through this that I have learned how to guide you through the murky waters of search engine optimization.

This all birthed out of my frustrations with trying to find helpful yet easy-to-understand tutorials on how to optimize my blog. It seems that so many gurus have forgotten how much knowledge they have actually learned and how valuable the simple knowledge can be. I (hopefully) plan on giving quality content that is simple to understand, easy to implement, and most importantly, easy to learn and remember.

That’s what SEO Blog Help is all about – giving quality SEO blog tips to beginner bloggers!

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